Training Management System(TMS)


Bijaya Khanal

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User Types and Roles

TMS Setup Within Organization


A Training Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive platform that enables the creation and management of online training programs. With a TMS, you have the ability to organize and deliver group-wise online training, including live sessions, offline courses, assignments, and exams.

User Types and Roles:

There are four layers of user roles in TMS. They are Super Admin, Admin Trainer, and Trainee. Super has full access and privileges within the system. The Admin role has similar access and privileges as the Super Admin. Trainers have limited access compared to the Super Admin and Admin roles. The Trainee has access to specific groups.

TMS Setup Within Organization: 

To begin TMS at the client site, the Vurilo team will deploy the TMS (Training Management System) for our client and grant login credentials for the super admin user. Subsequently, the super admin can establish the fundamental organization configurations and proceed with the necessary steps.

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