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Bijaya Khanal

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Table of Contents:

Profile View & Update

Change Password & Email Address

View Internal Certificate

Add External Certificate and Review


Profile View & Update:

Within this section, users can both view and modify their profile details, including Name, address, and bio.

Change Password & Email Address:

Within this section, users can modify their password and email address.

View Certificate:

In this section, users have access to view their certificates, which are categorized into two types. The first type is internal certificates, issued for training organized and conducted by our own office. Users can see these certificates once the training administrative user issues them. The second type is external certificates, obtained for training organized by other organizations. For this type of certificate, the participant member needs to add the certificate and seek approval from their reviewer.

Add External Certificate:

In this section, participants have the option to add an external certificate. Once a new external certificate is added by a participant, their reviewer can access and review it in the "Review" section of the settings menu.

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